The CFA program in Switzerland

Switzerland was among the pioneers in the globalisation of the CFA program with the first CFA Charterholders recognised at UBS (then SBG) in 1990. CFA Switzerland was the third member society outside of the Americas to be admitted to CFA Institute in 1996, following the Bermudas in 1989 and Hong Kong in 1994. CFA Switzerland is the ninth largest CFA society globally. 

CFA Charterholders & Candidates

access to an ever growing network 

Thanks to monthly continuing education and social events in Basel, Lausanne, Lugano, Geneva and Zürich, Members benefit from unique networking among soon 3000 finance professionals in Switzerland and worldwide. A core community of around 150 volunteers help us promote the values the CFA designation stands for by networking with a purpose: Ethics and Professionalism for the Finanzplatz

Top 10 Employers of members

employers large & small

CFA Charterholders are found wherever there is a need for cutting edge professional competence in finance as well as for assurance of their ethical behaviour. Irrespective of size: the top 10 firms together employ less than 40% of all CFA Charterholders in Switzerland. They may work for large banks and public or corporate pension funds just as well as small boutiques or family offices. 

Job functions of Cfa candidates

wide range of functions

Candidates in the CFA program hold a wide range of job functions. Their average age is 30 years when they join, they have 6 years of industry experience. 16% are students.