Everybody knows: The CFA designation is a tough nut to crack. Collecting 4 years of relevant work experience seems positively easy after having gone through three of the most difficult exams in finance, often more than once. 

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That's why CFA Switzerland is determined to help all serious CFA Candidates in the Swiss market to navigate the tricky waters of passing the exams. The Society's motive is selfish: We want to strenghthen the CFA designation as the Go-To standard for professionalism and ethical behaviour in Switzerland. To achieve that, we need many more Charterholders in all sorts of responsible positions. We want to help you get there! Find out about the Society's comprehensive offering by downloading the brochure

But there is no easy way. We can only help you be better prepared and avoid the #1 mistake: not study hard enough. There's no shortcut. 

The Society has created the membership category "Candidate Member" solely for Candidates in the CFA Program who would not otherwise qualify as Members.